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How To Clean The Washing Machine Of Lint

How To Clean The Washing Machine Of Lint

Washing the washing machine might seem illogical. Especially if we consider that we constantly fill it with soap and water. But contrary to this belief the reality is different. Being an appliance that spends most of the time wet, cleaning should be done to prevent the accumulation of fungus or more things. That is why today we tell you how to clean the washing machine of lint.

Use hot water

Fill the washing machine with hot water and start a wash cycle, then dry the inside surface with a clean towel.

Use laundry bleach

Make a mixture of 4 parts water to 1 part bleach and soak it in a rag. Disinfect the inside by rubbing the surface vigorously, the crevices can be cleaned with a toothbrush that you do not use.

How To Clean The Washing Machine

Use Vinegar

Vinegar is a natural product that eliminates bacteria and viruses effectively. Soak a sponge generously and pass it over the entire surface of the washing machine. The product will help you how to clean the washing machine of lint.

Clean the filter

In most washing machines the filter is removable and very easy to replace. On the contrary to the kitchen equipment, for example. So do not worry, you will not damage it. Yet, it is very necessary to disinfect it since it is a sieve or mesh that accumulates the remains of paper, napkins, animal or human hair, and other objects. This accumulation causes a lot of skin infections due to the high level of bacteria and mold.

Tips To Clean The Washing Machine Of Lint


Clean your washing machine at least every 3 months.
Use our ACV method (Water, Chlorine, Vinegar).
After each wash, air your washing machine and dry it, never leave it wet.
Use the recommended amount of detergent and avoid skin infections due to excessive use of cleaning products. And, for any extra help, call your local maid service.

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