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How To Create An Airbnb Cleaning Contract

How To Create An Airbnb Cleaning Contract

People will always say that the only thing that matters when hosting an Airbnb property is the place itself. What it has, how close it is to entertainment, and so on. Yet, there is another thing that matter even more than all these things. What is that? Cleaning. Having a clean Airbnb will give you more guests, great reviews, and a constant influx of people. However, it is important that whenever you hire a cleaning service for more than a day you make a cleaning contract. Today we tell you how to create an Airbnb cleaning contract to safeguard your property.

How to create an Airbnb cleaning contract

There are key elements that you have to include in an Airbnb cleaning contract. It is very important that you put all these details down to make your Airbnb safer and easier to manage. The first thing you have to put in is the rates. How much you’ll charge? Once the money matters are settled, everything will be great. Beyond that make sure to add any clauses about liabilities and more. This will ensure that whatever accidents happen, the company will be responsible for it. This is why it is so great to have Airbnb insurance.


Benefits of a cleaning contract

Now that you know how to create an Airbnb cleaning contract, you need to know the benefits. First of all, there are a lot of benefits of Airbnb cleaning. Yet, a contract has even more. You will have better communication with the company, the relationship will be more professional, and you won’t have a lot of problems. So, it is paramount that you get one if you’re hiring a company for more than a day. Here at Quick Cleaning, we offer recurring Airbnb cleaning services. All you have to do is call and start your pricing process.

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