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How To Green Clean An Apartment

How To Green Clean An Apartment

In this day and age, we all want to clean in a different way. With all the products that harm people and the environment, everyone is trying to shift to green cleaning. This is something amazing but, as everything else in life, needs learning. That is why today we tell you how to green clean an apartment. It is important that you know the basics if you want to green clean as professionals do it. So, read on to learn how to green clean an apartment with our Quick Cleaning guide.

Get familiarized with baking soda

The first and most important product you’ll be using for green cleaning is baking soda. People underestimate the power of this product. That is why you should try it as soon as you get the chance. Being able to apply this product when you clean is something that professionals do. You can use this product to clean a variety of things. From mattresses to pans and pots. This product can make miracles. Especially if you combine it with white vinegar. Now, you can always get your favorite green cleaning product, but we recommend that you start with baking soda first.


Use old clothes to clean

If you have clothes that are beyond saving or donating, use them for something different. In this case, cleaning. You can make rags out of clothes. This can save you a lot of money when buying paper towels or expensive cleaning materials. This is something great for small places like an apartment. So, if you want to get rid of the dust in a green way, use your old clothes. Cleaning companies don’t do this because they have their own rags, but, you can do it. Just, never use them on glass. You’ll just stain it more. And remember that, if you want an extra pair of hands, call us. We’ll be happy to help with your apartment cleaning.