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How To Prepare Your Airbnb For Summer

How To Prepare Your Airbnb For Summer

Summer is upon us and it couldn’t be better! The sun’s out and people are already taking their well-deserved vacations. And while summer is just starting, some people have already made reservations in advance. If you are in the hosting business, this post might prove helpful to you. Today we tell you how to prepare your Airbnb for summer. If you are looking for a way to make your guests happy this summer, follow this guide. With more than 10 years of experience cleaning Airbnb properties, we know what each one of them needs. So, read on to find out how to make the most out of your summer hosting.

Enhanced cleaning protocols

While Airbnb’s website has always had its 5-step cleaning process. This one has been enhanced now. Why? Because the new normal of travel has changed. People are not only looking for a big or beautiful place. The cleaning part has become paramount. While all guests have always paid attention to the cleaning, they do a lot more now. That is why if you’re opening the doors of your property, you need to clean every better. There are a lot of tips out there to clean but we recommend hiring an Airbnb Cleaning Service. You can actually save a lot more money by hiring a recurring cleaning service. Also, you can let the property run on autopilot and never worry about the cleaning again.

How To Prepare Your Airbnb For This Summer
How To Prepare Your Property For Summer

Tips to surprise your guests

Beyond the cleaning, there are other things on how to prepare your Airbnb for summer. Things that you can do to surprise them even further are:
  • Leave some candies on top of the pillows
  • Decorate the bed and bathroom with folded towels
  • Put a comment book at the entrance of your property
  • Leave a few sanitation stations around the property
  • Print a list of recommendations you’ve received
These things can make a huge difference between you and your competition. So keep them in mind when opening the doors of your property this summer.