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Hygiene In Daycare Centers

Hygiene In Daycare Centers

In the first place, hygiene in daycare centers is undoubtedly one of the most important and delicate professional cleaning services, since it is a matter of achieving perfect disinfection, sanitization and cleaning in centers where there are children.

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What should we take into account when cleaning?

A good daycare center cleaning will result in a healthier environment and therefore less chance of infants getting sick.

Basic protocol

Given the importance of daycare center cleaning, we believe it is of interest to inform about the necessary measures to achieve a correct cleaning of daycare centers.


Disinfectant products


For a proper cleaning of daycare centers, it is important to use products that disinfect but are not harmful to the children. Also the architectural design of a nursery should incorporate different ventilation points. 

In addition, in this way, we can continuously aerate the environment and avoid the concentration of germs in the air.

Pay attention to the corners

In the nurseries there are many corners, toys, shelves, drawers, storage boxes, etc. all of them are small spaces and objects where dust and dirt can accumulate so we must dedicate time to cleaning. At this point we must include the door knobs, as they can be a source of viruses. 

Also, after dusting, we must wipe with a damp cloth to disinfect furniture and objects, making stains disappear.


In addition, a daycare is a space with lots of natural light, often large windows and glass windows illuminate the room and it is necessary to maintain regular cleaning of the windows, as they tend to get dirty constantly and cleaning them helps to improve the atmosphere and visibility of the rooms.

Hire an efficient cleaning service with highly trained personnel.

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