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Keep Your Business Cleaner With The 3Rs

Keep Your Business Cleaner With The 3Rs

Reduce, reuse and recycle are the three actions that everyone should do. Producing garbage is inevitable, but with simple actions such as sorting garbage we can reuse and recycle waste to give our planet a break. Keep your business cleaner with the 3Rs.

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Reduce: choose products with less packaging and consume the necessary energy. In addition, it is important to reduce the use of toxic and polluting waste such as batteries. Compacting garbage correctly helps to store more of it and in better condition. To get started, we recommend you to read our next post: Tips For A Clean Office.


Reuse: the less products we buy and the more we reuse, the less resources we will have to spend. 

Recycle: transform materials that have already been used into new products. Paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, etc. can be recycled.

Finally, Organization


To separate the garbage and to be able to recycle it is important to distinguish the different colors assigned in the garbage cans, generally they are used in the following way:

  • Blue: used to deposit paper and cardboard, newspapers, magazines, wrapping paper or advertising brochures, among others.
  • Yellow: all types of plastic containers and products made of plastic such as bottles, food containers or bags, canned food and soft drink cans, as well as glass containers, such as bottles of alcoholic beverages and juices, should be deposited in this bin.
  • Green: for all organic waste, i.e. plant debris such as leaves, twigs, peels, fruit or vegetable waste, manure, etc. This waste is biodegradable, it can be decomposed and used to obtain organic fertilizer or compost.
  • Red: dispose of batteries, batteries, insecticides, oils, aerosols, or technological products and hospital waste.
  • Gray: all inorganic waste, i.e., that which is neither biodegradable nor toxic, is deposited in these bins.
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Garbage cans

Garbage cans for waste separation are effective and practical for proper garbage collection. Choose the size that best suits your office or business. In addition, ask one of our sales representatives for more information.

Reduce, recycle and reuse contributes to cleaner spaces. Finally we recommend the following post: Effective Tips To Keep Your Business Clean 2022.


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