Most Common Things Businesses Forget To Clean

Most Common Things Businesses Forget To Clean

Most Common Things Businesses Forget To Clean

We all know the importance of cleaning our business place. Everybody understands how essential is to keep everything organized and radiant. However, it can be an overwhelming task to do it by yourself. And even when you try to pay attention to everything around you, you can miss some spots. Therefore, it can leave a bad impression on potential customers or people visiting your business. Our Commercial Cleaning Services Chicago will give the list of the most common things business forget to clean.

1. Stairs and Elevators

These places have a lot of heavy foot traffic. Whether the person decides to use the stairs or take the elevator, they will always leave some kind of dirt in them with the sole of their shoes.

So, don’t overlook them, and clean them as well. Or sometimes it can get harder when it’s winter season due to the snow residue. If so, you can ask for a Floor Cleaning Services Chicago to do the job for you. They have the best cleaning products and service to clean it.

Most Common Things Businesses Forget To Clean stairs and elevator

2. Behind printers and copy machines

Most Common Things Businesses Forget To Clean printer

People tend to overlook these places when cleaning the office. As it not in a visible spot, you may not pay attention to it. But this is a mistake. When printers are not paid attention, it can produce small particles of paper that linger underneath and behind the machine. And when they accumulate, this can damage your machine. It will cost you money if you need to buy a new one.

Also, for copy machines you need to always wipe down the glass surface for a correct copying. Next time you are going to make a copy or print a document, check what is happening there. And clean them in proper time.

3. Light fixtures

A light fixture is key for your company, specially when the sunlight is not there anymore. If not clean regularly, the lamps and light fixture can accumulate dust, debris or bugs that have meandered too close.

When this happens, it affects the illumination of your office, and can have a bad impact on your employees’ productivity. Not only because they won’t be able to see on what they are working, but also that this can be harmful for anyone suffering from allergies or other medical condition. So, try to keep it clean.

Most Common Things Businesses Forget To Clean light fixtures

4. Door knobs and switch plates

Most Common Things Businesses Forget To Clean door knobs

Both things are touched by every person that comes into the company or office. And as we are well aware, they can bring not only dirt but also germs that can be harmful for anyone. Therefore, they need to be cleaned in a regular basis to stop the spread of disease.

Take care of your employees and clients health, and do not forget to clean these spaces. It may seem not that important. But perhaps, it can trigger someone to feel bad, only because they touch the door knobs, and then, their face. So, always keep them clean.

5. Picture Frames

Any office has pictures hanging around to make the space look more friendly and welcoming to any outside visitor that arrives into the building. Sometimes these pictures can be moved according to what the office will be arranged. This along with the accumulation of grimy film over time, can make the picture look dirt and damage it forever.

So, it is important to not forget to clean the picture frames, so the picture won’t waste down. And the ornaments of your office will look well.

Most Common Things Businesses Forget To Clean picture frames

Of course, most of the time these places are overlooked because the person who usually clean the office is not a professional in the field. That’s why sometimes it is more recommendable to hire a Commercial Cleaning Chicago to avoid missing any space. Take into consideration all these places we have mentioned. But if you feel you cannot take care of them, due to lack of time or lack of tools, you can always count with a professional service to do it for you.