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Popular superstitions about moving

Popular superstitions about moving

Most of us will make at least one move during our lives to change our life, because we are getting married, because we are going to college, etc…Today we will tell you about the popular superstitions about moving and/or beliefs or customs of some people.

Statistics show us that we move at least 2 or 3 times in our life, within this process we usually experience millions of changes and misplacements that lead us to experience a real moving process.



Do not sweep your house before moving


There is a belief that you should not sweep the house because by keeping the place unchanged, you will confuse the spirits into believing that you are still in your old house. Once you are in your new home you can clean up and it will be too late for the spirits to find you.

If it rains the day you move

It is a popular belief that this is a sign from the heavens, or a promise, of your prosperity. Specifically, it is believed that rain is an omen that you will become rich.

cleaning is necessary when moving house

Party to celebrate the move

Another popular superstition about moving during the Middle Ages in countries like France, those who have helped to do so were invited to make the move once it was over. The meal or party to celebrate the end of the move was called the pendaison de la crémaillière.
This custom is still practiced today in France and in some Latin American countries, for example, it is recommended to plant an aloe vera plant near the entrance of the house. It is usually believed that this plant absorbs envy and bad wishes that people from the outside throw against the family living in that house. So now you know, plant your plants and tell whoever invites you to help him move that tradition says that he should invite the food and drinks. Wink wink


Every move over time becomes a story to tell. Even tragic moves over the years we give them a new color and can even become good anecdotes. These are some popular superstition about moving house.
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