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The Importance Of Music For Work

The Importance Of Music For Work

In many workplaces it is a topic of discussion, it is said that with music people in the office are more productive and creative because it activates the artistic and playful part of the brain, in other arguments it is said that it is only a distraction factor and that productivity is not the same. Here we support the first idea, that’s why we bring you the importance of music for work.

What is music?


Music is the art of organizing in a sensitive and logical way, through a combination of sounds and silences, thoughts, feelings and emotions using the principles of harmony, melody and rhythm.

The melody, the harmony and the rhythm are conjugated by means of the sounds in a logical way, that what is achieved to listen is gratifying and with beauty, although it can be the saddest melody. Also, that is why it is art.

Why is music important at work?

Music is the movement of sound waves that somehow exert an influence on the body and mind of the perceiver. For example the different types of music used in the gym, according to the routine is the music for the person to carry a synchrony with the movements. Also, people who are deaf, can feel the vibration of the music and express themselves with movements to the sound of the music.


In addition, listening to music is an excellent method of concentration and relaxation at work, it activates ideas, promotes dynamism, creativity and also helps to reduce fatigue. Also, it depends a lot on the type of music you listen to, because each style of music has its own intention.


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