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The Perception Of Commercial Cleaning Is Changing

The perception of commercial cleaning is changing

The perception of commercial cleaning is changing. An increasing number of businesses across all industries are cleaning to a level that was once reserved for the most sensitive environments, such as hospitals. The reason is that cleanliness has become synonymous with safety. In this new normal, no matter what type of business you own or what facility you manage, everything must be clean.

Raising the benchmark


Here are some examples of the new normal in cleanliness: high-touch items, such as door handles, light switches, countertops and equipment, are cleaned and disinfected several times a day. In facilities where many people interact, such as hotels and retail stores, these items can be cleaned and disinfected several times per hour.

Disinfection technologies such as ultraviolet light are used in a wide variety of environments where they have not been used before.


Robotic technology and other innovations have experienced an increase in popularity, not only because of their cleaning efficiency, but also because they reduce the time people need to spend in possibly contaminated areas. Autonomous floor scrubbers clean retail aisles and other large open spaces so that cleaning staff can concentrate on high-touch spaces such as restrooms.


Gaining trust by ensuring safety

While higher cleaning standards have significantly altered cleaning operations, the biggest change brought about by the new normal is psychological. Today, cleanliness is the best indicator to customers, visitors and employees that a space is safe.

In a 2020 study on safety and cleanliness, Deloitte Consulting found that everyone has new expectations when it comes to safety and that “people’s view of safety is binary: either it leads to greater trust or it does not engender trust.”

This new way of thinking means that there are simply no second chances. Reassurance of safety is a prerequisite for an organization’s success: if customers don’t feel safe, they won’t buy from a company, and if employees don’t feel safe, they will lose confidence in management and their productivity will decline.



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