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Cleaning And Hygiene Products

Cleaning And Hygiene Products

Be careful with cleaning and hygiene products because disinfecting and sanitizing chemicals are essential for the control of communicable diseases, they are potentially hazardous to children, especially if the products are in concentrated form.


Products should be stored in their original labeled containers and in inaccessible places to prevent accidents.

In addition, disinfectants and sanitizers diluted in spray bottles should be labeled and stored in a cool place.

Before using any chemical, read the product label and the manufacturer’s material safety data sheet.


Less toxic cleaning products:


There are alternative or less toxic cleaning products made from ingredients such as baking soda, liquid soap and vinegar. Many of the ingredients are inexpensive, so you may save money in the long run. However, using them may require more effort, which means you may have to scrub more.

While the ingredients in homemade cleaning products are safer, not all are harmless. Treat them as you would any other cleaning product, with caution. 

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