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How to Make an Airbnb Welcome Book

How to Make an Airbnb Welcome Book

For any property, it is important to let guests know that they are at home. Nowadays, there are a lot of tips to be a successful host, one of those is what we bring for you today. We want to talk about how to make an Airbnb welcome book. The little details are what will make a difference between being a normal host and a super host. So, if you want to become the latter, keep reading because today we have some amazing tips for you to improve your hosting process on your Airbnb.

What is a welcome book?

Most of the time, the guests that we have on any Airbnb are those who are traveling from far-away places. With that in mind, it is normal that these guests have no idea what the city or the property has. A welcome book is something that includes vital information to make everyone’s stay in the city easier. Take Chicago for example. You can add the most famous places, the transportation schedule and options, and more. Beyond that, you also have to include some information about the property that we’ll talk about in the next paragraph.

How to Make an Airbnb Welcome Guide
How to Make an Airbnb Welcome Flyer

How to make an Airbnb welcome book

Now that you know what the book is, it is time to make it. First, start with your property’s information. Write down the Wi-Fi password, emergency numbers, the amenities it has, and all the basics. After that, add a section that talks about the city. As we mentioned, add the landmarks, transport, and so on. Finally, you can finish with a catalog of the things and amenities you offer and sell. This is something good in case you want to sell something extra. Another thing that hosts add is extra services such as cleaning. This is good in case something happens and they need urgent cleaning.

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