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Transform Your Office Into A Green Space

Transform Your Office Into A Green Space

Workplaces are often a source of waste and pollution for the environment, especially now that many of us are still working from home. That’s why transform your office into a green space

Benefits of green spaces

Integrating green spaces into offices helps employees lead more balanced lives, a key factor in improving their productivity and performance during working hours. In addition, being exposed to green spaces reduces the risk of depression, obesity and cancer.

Plants are not only aesthetically appealing, they also reduce stress, improve innovative potential and increase people’s sense of connectedness.


Green office areas help improve employee performance and decision making, increasing productivity by up to 15 percent.

Also, this feeling of well-being generated by green spaces is actually due to an evolutionary process, in which our ancestors developed by following and being attentive to the rhythms of nature.

Eliminate paper or rationalize its use


Paper is one of the biggest sources of waste at work. Always use virtual media. In addition, when it is necessary to use paper, try to use chlorine-free paper and/or paper from well-managed forests.

Be efficient in the use of energy

Keep doors and windows closed if the air conditioning is on, and adjust the thermostat to save the consumption and cost of cooling and heating spaces.
The best way to achieve a green office is to maximize natural light and use artificial light only when needed.
Do not open windows when the heating is on. Ten minutes are enough to ventilate. Lastly Take advantage of solar energy during the day. In winter a temperature between 21 ºC is sufficient.

Ecological articles

Always choose biodegradable or recyclable ecological products or, if necessary, hire a cleaning service that has ecological cleaning plans.

At Quick Cleaning we are as concerned about cleanliness as we are about not harming the environment, that’s why we have plans for you!

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