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How To Add Your Airbnb to Google

How To Add Your Airbnb to Google

We already know that anyone can list a property on Airbnb. Provided they follow and meet the requirements to become a host. Yet, that doesn’t mean you’ll be getting guests left and right. It is important to know that promoting your Airbnb goes beyond what you have to do some external effort. The best platform to promote your business on is Google. Yes, all of Google. Or at least a few of its sites. Today we want to tell you how to add your Airbnb to Google. Knowing a bit of SEO or hiring a Digital Marketing Agency will help you with that.

Start with Google Maps

One thing that is very important for your property is putting it on the map, quite literally. Nowadays, there are options that let you add your property on Google maps. This is perfect if you want to start to know how to add your Airbnb to Google. Doing so will give your listing more credibility and will actually get more guests to book with you. You can do that by going to your profile, then to Google maps, and add the property on your profile. This will make your guests happy because they’ll be able to see what’s around your property.

How To Add Your Airbnb to Google My Business
How To Add Your Airbnb to Google Maps

Create a business profile

Google has a lot of things. Part of promoting your Airbnb is showing all the things inside it. You can create a business profile for your Airbnb and instead of treating it like a business, show what it has. You can list the amenities, the online store, the extra services you offer, and more. This is great because people will be more informed aside from what they can see on the Airbnb website. So, don’t hesitate and start your Airbnb SEO today! As always, remember to keep the place clean to gather more people. Promoting an Airbnb is a combined effort of a lot of things.

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