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How To Set Up Your Airbnb Store

How To Set Up Your Airbnb Store

There are a lot of extra ways to make some income with an Airbnb. Selling extra stuff can give you more money while you’re hosting. This is great as long as you know how to set up your Airbnb store. If you want to know how to do it properly, today we have some tips for you. So, read on to learn what to sell, do, and offer inside your store. Remember that all of these things are allowed by Airbnb and there are a lot of things you can upsell on your property. So, don’t miss this chance!

Create the website

Some people prefer to have a small room with things to offer. From amenities to stuff for activities or Airbnb experiences. Yet, it can be a lot simpler if you create a website for people. This is great because sometimes guests are on the clock. Most already have plans for what they’ll do during their stay. Making an online store can be better because they’ll be able to buy local things and you can deliver them to the house. Just contact a local digital marketing agency to help you with that and you’ll be one step closer to knowing how to set up your Airbnb store.

How To Set Up Your Airbnb Property Store
How To Set Up Your Airbnb Store

Think like your guests

If you already have the website up, then it is time to know what to add. Make sure to always put yourself inside your guests’ shoes. Most people are on vacation for just a few days. These people have their time set and will not stop too much to buy all the things they want. However, you can put some things for sale and they might want them eventually. So, make sure that you always offer your guests things that they could bring back home.

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