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Top Airbnb Upsells For Guests

Top Airbnb Upsells For Guests

Upselling, the thing will get us more and more customers. While in our Airbnb they are called guests, it is the same thing. They are people who pay for our property and are always looking for things to keep them coming back. Whose job is that? Ours, as hosts. That is when upselling comes into play. There are some Airbnb upsells for guests that no one talks about. But, today, we want to tell you about some of them that will help you a lot with your guests. So, read on to learn how you can improve your Airbnb with these secret things.

Early check-ins and late check-outs

One way to keep your guests happy and earn some extra cash is by offering these. Check-ins and check-outs. Why? Well, imagine their flight is leaving at night and they have some time to kill. Most people won’t go anywhere during their last day. So, if you offer some extra time on the property, they’ll be very happy. You can easily upsell this without being an aggressive seller or anything. Just casually offer more time while they wait for their time to leave.

Top Airbnb Upsells


Another of the top Airbnb upsells for guests is transportation. Depending on the city, if it is your guests’ first time, moving around could prove difficult. You could offer some transportation instead. This will be great for them as all of them want to go quickly to the Airbnb, leave their luggage, and go out to enjoy themselves. So, this is a great way to save them some time when visiting another place.

Best Airbnb Upsells For Guests

Equipment for different activities

Some people go to some places to do things they can’t do at home. Some of them involve extreme sports. So, why not offer some equipment for that? You can have some spare things at home to rent to your guests. This will save them a trip to a store and who knows? It might be cheaper for them.
Part of upselling is being creative. So, think about what you’d like as a guest and do that on your own. You’ll see how happy they’ll be and how quickly they’ll come back.

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