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Must-Have Airbnb Amenities

Must-Have Airbnb Amenities

In the world of Airbnb hosting, there are a lot of things every host needs to keep in mind. While every host wants to improve the overall guest experience, there are some things that will surprise more than others. Most of them are what is beyond what the house offers. What do we mean by this? The must-have Airbnb amenities. The whole guest experience can change depending on how many things you offer inside your property. One thing to keep in mind is that you always need to think about what your guests might need. From families to business people, your capability to adapt will make your property stand out a lot more. So, read on to learn about the essential things you can offer to your property.

The basics

When thinking about what your guests will want inside a property you need to think about the basic needs. Things that you can’t live without nowadays at your home. Offering your guests basic needs will leave them satisfied inside your property. What needs or must-have Airbnb amenities are these though? Again, let’s just think about what everyone expects at home.
Must Have Airbnb Amenities
  • Wi-Fi
  • Light
  • Hot water
  • Clean bedding
And the list goes on and on. You can take care of all these things easily. All of them are things that guests will want to have in any type of travel. Also, it won’t matter the type of guest, all of them want them. So, prepare them beforehand and make sure there are no caveats when they arrive with these required things.
Must Have Airbnb Amenities for business guests


You have to remember that appliances are something of the must-have Airbnb amenities. When people stay at an Airbnb they usually use it to rest and relax. Appliances make everyone’s life a lot easier in a lot of aspects. They make things easier and faster to cook, heat, and clean. The more you invest in good appliances, the better. People have quickly adapted to the technological advances that life has presented us lately. That is why a lot of hosts have made the call of putting modern appliances inside their properties. Doing this is something good for everyone who rents yours.


If there is something that usually is the #1 reason for complaints is the lack of supplies. Supplies can encompass everything from cleaning to personal hygiene. Things like shampoo, soap, and even towels. We always recommend having some supplies as a spare inside your property. Some people tend to hire a rental management company to keep them topped up. Yet, if you want to do it by yourself, always keep an emergency stash of supplies on your property. Doing so will prevent any issues in case something runs out.


As we mentioned above, people go to an Airbnb to rest and relax. Most people only spend their time there to prepare for their vacations and then when the day is over and they want to rest. If you want your guests to leave a good review, make sure to offer them the most comfortable experience out there. Always make sure that your furniture, rooms, and even the bathrooms are in top condition. Comfort doesn’t involve the furniture only. Comfort can be achieved by having everything in place and no shortage of anything.

Must-have Airbnb Amenities for Business Travelers

Now, in the Airbnb business, there is a whole different market. One for business travelers. Such people tend to travel at any moment of the year. Some might book in times that we would never imagine we’d have guests. That is why it is important to be prepared at all times. Having the right amenities for them will make it a lot better. Plus, you can start getting some nice reviews before the holiday season gets there. What do business travelers need though? Mainly, most of the amenities we mentioned above. But, they also need a space to work. Some of them go to have meetings but go back to their Airbnb to continue working. Make sure to prepare a workplace for them. This is something they will appreciate.

Essential Airbnb Amenities

Leisure guests

Now, beyond the guests we have mentioned, there are others who actually travel and rent just to rest. Leisure guests are those that plan to stay almost all day inside the property. For this type of guest, you need to make sure your property feels almost like a hotel. How though? Well, think about all the things they will need to stay inside all day. Some of them were mentioned above already. Yet, you can always offer some inside entertainment. Maybe a pool table or if your property has a pool, even better. It is important to let guests know everything you offer before they decide to book your property.

Keep safety in mind

One thing that all hosts should keep in mind is safety. As we mentioned, one amenity is comfort itself. Part of that is knowing that the place is safe. In the case that something bad happens, it is reassuring to know that you have the means to keep all safe. With what things you can do that? Well, things such as the smoke alarm, a first aid kit, and even some emergency numbers. All of these things will give your guests the peace of mind they’re looking for when vacationing. Always, always think about everyone’s safety first. Also, it is important to keep a property safe. Not only because the posts say it but because Airbnb demands it before you put up your listing.


There’s nothing better than a property that offers accessibility for people who need it. Part of being inclusive is creating a space that people can use freely. The more accessible your house is, the better. There are a lot of ways how you can do it. It is important to adapt your house as needed. So, if you are looking to make your house great for everyone, take some time and adapt it in the best possible way.

Must Important Airbnb Amenities

Pet-friendly features

Earlier this month we mentioned that a great way to get people to book your property is by making it pet-friendly. Now more than ever, people love traveling with their pets. Offering them a place where their pets can rest and play with them is amazing. This can actually broaden your bookings and make them a lot better. So, that is why we recommend adapting the house to get some pets inside. Trust us, your future guests will love that.

Do not forget about cleaning

While this isn’t an amenity itself, it is also important. Part of being comfortable is having a nice and clean place. We recommend that you, as an owner, try to keep your property as clean as possible. You can do the cleaning yourself if you have the time or you can hire an Airbnb cleaning service to help you with that. Either way, it is paramount that you never forget about cleaning. This will make everyone feel better and want to return to your property once more.
And there you have them, our must-have Airbnb amenities. Remember to always adapt to whatever the hosting market is doing. This will get you up to 5-stars in no time.
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