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Tips For Keeping The Office Clean

Tips For Keeping The Office Clean

Full-time office workers spend more time sitting in front of their computers than anywhere else, which means two things in the world of cleaning and disinfecting. These are tips for keeping the office clean.

High-touch surfaces

Firstly, high-touch surfaces are made up of tables, doorknobs, light switches, counters, handles, desks, telephones, keyboards, toilets, faucets, sinks, etc. 

This includes electronics, writing utensils such as pens and pencils, folders, keyboards, monitors and chairs. Remember, when it comes to disinfecting, it’s better to clean more than just a little. Also, using proper precautions, such as gloves, helps eliminate the risk of exposure during cleaning.


Computer Cleaning


Some studies have found that keyboards have more microorganisms on them than office toilets. Most likely, restrooms are cleaned regularly by healthcare workers. In order to disinfect and keep it clean:

-Turn off your computer and unplug the keyboard.

-Use a can of compressed air to blow dust off the keyboard.

-Dip cotton swabs in a mild disinfectant solution and wipe the surfaces and between each key.

-Use a microfiber cloth and the cleaning solution to gently wipe all other surfaces.

Keep your desk tidy

The final step to a clean workspace is a sanitized desk. Once you’ve cleaned the other elements of your desk, you’re ready for the finishing touch.

Remove papers or clutter from your desk.

Use disinfectant wipes to thoroughly clean the entire surface.

Don’t ignore spaces that are not easily accessible. For example, lift up picture frames to clean underneath them.

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