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Transform Your Store To Green

Transform Your Store To Green

A profitable business model can also be environmentally friendly. It is not a task that will be solved overnight, but it is not an impossible mission either. This post talks about: Transform your store to green.


Green Business

Firstly, more and more people are becoming aware of the importance of taking care of the environment. In addition, the green consumer is the one who manifests their concern for the environment in their purchasing behavior.

Also, it is time to renew the strategy of your business to turn it into a 100% ecological and, above all, highly productive company. 


Take care of energy consumption


One of the key aspects to take into account when creating your company’s general strategy is to make an estimate of operating expenses.

 In addition, that is to say, to have an annual projection in terms of energy consumption, water and material resources that you are going to use.



 Also, and do not forget to consider the environmental impact that all this will generate.

The most relevant energy consumption points in a company are: lighting, heating, air conditioning, food storage equipment, computers and audio equipment.

Calculate CO2 emissions

Knowing the percentage of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of your business requires a calculation of the direct consumption of the organization. 


To carry out this study, it is recommended that you seek the advice of an expert to evaluate the emissions you produce and the areas where you can reduce your environmental impact.

Finally, this post is about: Transform your store to green. 

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