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5 Steps for Downsizing After Moving

5 Steps for Downsizing After Moving

Has it ever happened to you that after a move you realize you had more stuff than you thought? It doesn’t matter the size of the new house, sometimes, the stuff we bring will take up space we could use for something new. If that is your case, we have something good for you today. In this article, we want to give you 5 steps for downsizing after moving. Read on t learn how to get rid of clutter and keep the essential things in your new home.

Start before arriving

One good thing you can do is either organize a garage sale or get a junk removal service to get rid of all the clutter. We all have clutter and sometimes we take it to a new home without ever realizing it is clutter. That is why it is important to know how to declutter for a move.

Steps for Downsizing After Moving

Create strategies

The most important of the 5 steps for downsizing after moving is making strategies. One that we recommend is fitting all in one truck. This is a challenge but you can achieve it. Make sure that all the things fit in a single truck and if they do, you’re good to go.

Go room-by-room

We’ve already given some advice about packing and a good one is to go room-by-room. Doing that will make the cleaning easier and faster in all senses. you’ll have more control and you’ll know what goes and what stays.

5 Steps for Downsizing After Moving

Use a sorting system

Labels are something that you can’t forget when moving and packing. If you make a sorting system, organizing everything will be a lot easier. Make sure to keep all things in place and put everything where it should go.

Donate stuff

If you don’t want to go ahead with the garage sale we mentioned above, donate. There are a lot of donation centers in every city that you can go to and get rid of the things you don’t want anymore.