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A Comprehensive Guide To Airbnb Cleaning

A Comprehensive Guide To Airbnb Cleaning

Before talking about A Comprehensive Guide To Airbnb Cleaning let’s know a little more about the interesting history of Airbnb, the founders are Joe Gebbia, Brian Chesky and Nathan Blecharczyk in 2008, the idea was developing because they originally started in their home, they offered lodging and breakfasts to earn a few extra dollars. The city they were in suited them very well because it is a busy city full of tourists. That’s right, we’re talking about San Francisco


Airbnb is a community marketplace that serves to advertise, publicize and book accommodation cheaply and easily, thus forgetting about the annoying reservations and the high costs involved. Now Airbnb is in more than 220 countries and you can make reservations from your Smartphone.
It was and still is one of the most successful systems of the collaborative economy, so much so that who hasn’t hired an Airbnb nowadays?

A Comprehensive Guide To Airbnb Cleaning

Cleaning Policy

These new forms of accommodation have gained a lot of importance in tourism and like all related businesses have to adapt so it began a restructuring and changes in their policies.
One of the big changes has to do with the new advanced cleaning protocol offered to their hosts. This is basically a set of guidelines that the company proposes so that the cleaning of the spaces complies with the sanitary measures recommended by experts. It ranges from the recommendation of certain products to recommended cleaning techniques. If the hosts follow this policy and apply it in their lodgings, they will receive the cleaning protocol badge.

A Comprehensive Guide To Airbnb Cleaning Fees

Trust in Airbnb's policies

Accepting the cleaning protocol is not mandatory, although this dynamic has a big problem due to the difference it has with other tourist accommodations where there is supervision of the cleaning work, the Airbnb model is different. Here the hosts are the ones who are committed to comply with the company’s policies and within these is hygiene. The review consists only of a questionnaire, so in reality compliance with this policy is left to the good faith of the hosts. “Airbnb is based on trust and we expect hosts who choose to participate in the program to live up to their declaration and commitment. Although the host’s vote is very important and the host will be able to evaluate the cleanliness.

Let's talk about cleaning at Airbnb

There are a lot of things to know when it comes to cleaning. But there are even more when it comes to cleaning an Airbnb. Cleanliness is the face of the place towards the guest and will be the main factor for them to recommend or want to stay there again.
A Comprehensive Guide To Airbnb Cleaning consists of after the guest’s departure it is recommended to check for damages or missing items, check that the electronics (coffee maker, blender, iron, lamps, stove, oven, TV) are working properly, check the consumables and replace if necessary. Following the main revisions it is recommended to start now with the general cleaning such as sweeping the floor, washing towels and sheets, touching up the paint on the walls if necessary, degreasing the kitchen, and also a point that is fundamental but almost nobody takes into account is the cleaning of the refrigerator. This becomes a point that nobody considers but if it smells bad it is one of the smells that stick more in the apartment / room.

If you are interested in cleaning paint from surfaces here is a post with some tips that we recommend you:  How to clean paint from surfaces

There are important points that we consider extras to make the guest’s stay more pleasant, we talk about airing the place and placing a guide to the guest of tourist information nearby.


If you have rented an Airbnb before, you may have seen in the breakdown a cleaning fee. This fee is there because the host may charge guests for cleaning the property. However, the fee may vary depending on the cleaning process. For the hosts, it is a good way to cover any expenses you may have incurred during the cleaning. And for the guests, it is a way to make sure that the property you rent will be up to the best standards.

Is it necessary to charge for cleaning?

It is not necessary, not at all. This depends on each Host, many hosts clean the house themselves and do not charge a penny extra, this is more common in smaller properties, rooms or one room apartments, however, in larger locations that are aimed at a sector where it is required to host more people is more common to find fees. This situation has its good side for the renter because you will cover expenses that by the nature of this you will need to spend. You save the expense

Another thing you could charge for is hiring a cleaning service. This is a good idea if you want your property to run on autopilot. And for that we have a great guide on ways to put your Airbnb on autopilot. 

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How to set a cleaning fee for your Airbnb

We like to break this down into four but simple categories: size, competition, cleaning service, and your target guests.
Size is important because the bigger the house, the more work you’ll have to do.
It sounds obvious, but it is a factor that you should always consider, the bigger the house the more material and the more time you need to work on it, so it is more expensive and takes longer than usual.
As for the competition, it is important to see what other properties are charging. You can check the profiles online and adjust to them. Although with us you will not have that problem because we have adjusted to the best costs without neglecting the most important thing. The quality of our products and our service.
Let’s move on to the cleaning service. This is optional and will depend on what you choose. If you hire cleaning services for short or long term rentals, you may have to adjust the rate. You will have to charge more to pay for that cleaning service, which is understandable but necessary. Check our prices and packages we have made for you.
And last but not least we have the target guests. There are many types of guests, single, couple, family, reunion, work, etc…..
Depending on the property you may have some guests that have a different economic scope than others. Adjust it according to who you want to be inside your property.
This as we call it is Ways To Put Your Airbnb On Autopilot, if you are more interested in knowing more details about this you can read more here.
For more cleaning questions remember to give us a call! We are your number 1 choice when it comes to Airbnb cleaning in Chicago and surrounding areas! So don’t hesitate and put your business on auto mode!