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A Guide To Achieving 5 Stars On Airbnb

A Guide To Achieving 5 Stars On Airbnb

When in the hosting business, we all want to do our very best. We want to put our property way up there amongst the top-rated ones. And while some people want to start doing it from the first day, the reality is that it is a steep climb. But not an impossible one. Patience is key when trying to reach for the stars. And said stars are the 5 ones that give a host the best possible rating. That is why today we have made a guide to achieving 5 stars on Airbnb. Read on to learn all the things you can do for your property.

The Basics

Let’s start with the basics. Before doing anything big or extra to get a 5-star rating, you need to start with the small things. The first thing you’ll want to do is clean. Cleaning is an essential part to improve your Airbnb rating. There are a lot of ways how to start the cleaning process. If you only have one property, doing the cleaning by yourself is good. However, if you have more than one, you might need some help. Now, if you only have one but you have a lot of bookings, some help is due. Airbnb Cleaning services have become quite important for the industry. While we do recommend DIY cleaning, sometimes cleaning services might prove better and more helpful.

5 Star Rating On Airbnb Guide

Create a checklist

You can actually make your own Airbnb Cleaning Checklist. Even the website has some information regarding their 5-step cleaning process. So, it is safe to say that there’s a lot of information out there to help you clean your property.
The things you should include in your checklists are the cleaning of every room, the supplies you need, and the time you’ll take to clean. All these things affect the guests’ experience. So, the more organized you are, the better for everyone.
How To Get 5 Star Rating on Airbnb

Go room by room

If you are starting the hosting business and just started your cleaning process, this type might prove helpful. If you are looking for a guide to achieving 5 stars on Airbnb, you’ll see this tip almost in all. Clean room by room. Some people want to tackle everything at a time but we do not recommend that. It is a lot better to put your attention in one room at a time. This will let you see what’s missing inside a room and what needs improving. And remember, guests have keen eyes. You need to have them too.

Keep lost belongings

If you find something that your guests left behind, put them in a room or keep them safe. Most guests will contact you back regarding lost objects. Returning them to your guests or helping them to find their objects will net you some great reviews. This is something that you should do as a force of habit. You can either have room to keep lost things inside the property or take them with you and wait until they contact you. But never, never, toss them out.

Supplies & Equipment

This tip in a guide to achieving 5-stars on Airbnb can either make or break your property. And your management too. When people start cleaning they buy the best products out there. Or the best that the advertisements say they are. Yet, there are a lot of green cleaning products you could try that are way cheaper. Saving money on cleaning is something important you can do for managing your property. You don’t need expensive things to do a good cleaning. Even Airbnb Cleaning services know this and have products that are accessible and great for everyone. Also, green cleaning is something that guests get behind. They love it.

Automating your property

If you want to reach 5 stars then automating a property can be a great way to start. Why? Technology has improved all industries. The evolution of cleaning services has seen changes due to technology being implemented in cleaning. So it isn’t a surprise that Airbnb cleaning is making use of it too. Automating your property is something great and guests love that. Having things on automatic can actually make people’s experience easier and faster. So, do not hesitate when looking for ways to put your property on autopilot.
How To Get 5 Stars On Airbnb

Linen & Amenities

While all parts of a property are important, bedrooms are even more. One of the first things guests will check is the bedrooms. Trust us. Even if the house is perfect and looks like a hotel, if a bedroom is in a bad state, that’s bye-bye. Having the bedding in perfect condition will ensure that your guests will have a great time. If don’t want to wash the mattress all the time, get some covers. They are cheap and a lot easier to put. Even guests prefer properties that have them.

Guest supplies

We’ve covered supplies for cleaning but what about guests’ supplies? Guests need to have all of their amenities in place. They all require the usual supplies. Soap, shampoo, towels, even stuff inside the pantry. By not having supplies, you are risking your property having a bad review. We recommend that you restock every week or if possible after your guests leave. You can keep a room full with a stock of supplies. This will ensure that nothing ever runs the risk of running out inside your property.

A Guide To Achieving 5 Stars On Airbnb


Beyond the cleaning and stocking, there is another thing that guests love. The style of a house. Stylizing a house is important. When people travel to another city for a vacation they want something different. They don’t want the same things they always see back at home. Some people go online to check for ideas about how to give style to their properties. This is a great way to do so. Some others prefer to rent furniture for their properties. This is perfect because their furniture comes in sets already and it is easier to manage what you put on the property. Whichever way you prefer, you should always keep in mind that image is important for all hosts. So, make sure that you give your property a dashing style before opening the doors.


Finally, we have communication. Part of reaching 5 stars is being an active host. In what ways? Posting your property online and waiting for guests to arrive isn’t ideal. You need to be active with the reviews, comments, and concerns. A host that is always looking for ways to improve and showing that online will make people happy. So, do not think twice and start showing some online activity. This gives all guests peace of mind knowing that the owner is a responsible and active person.

Final thoughts

While there are a lot of steps in our guide, most of them can be done fast. You just need to organize yourself and pay attention to what your guests want. Here in Quick Cleaning, we offer the best Airbnb Cleaning Service Chicago has in the city. We have been serving all of Chicago and its surroundings for over a decade. So, if you want some extra help with your property, do not doubt in calling us. We’ll be happy to help in whichever way you need. Call today and learn what we can do for your Airbnb property!
A Guide To Getting 5 Stars On Airbnb