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The Evolution Of Cleaning Services

The Evolution Of Cleaning Services

Everything is in constant change. All of it. People, animals, products, and services. Every company adapts to whatever the market and the people need. Since the creation of the now biggest companies, all of them have changed. In the past, change wasn’t as fast as it is today. Technology has played a huge part in the evolution of everything. And in the case of cleaning companies, that isn’t an exception. The cleaning services field has grown a lot. Tracking the beginning of their story is a bit hard but we have made out homework. That is why today we tell you about the evolution of cleaning services. If you want to learn more about how cleaning services have adapted, read on to find out more!

Beginnings at home

In the past, there were no such things as commercial cleaning services. We only had maid services. Way back in the past, most family members used to contribute to the cleaning of the house. But eventually, people had to go out to work or school. Maid services started to gain popularity. A lot of homeowners directed some of their money into hiring these services. And that is how a lot of house cleaning companies began and grew. People started looking at cleaners as professionals in the area. And people loved them.

The Evolution Of Cleaning Companies

Opening office doors

Once the house cleaning market was full of maid services, these services started to offer even more things. Deep cleaning, appliance cleaning, recurrent cleaning, and so on. But some people aimed for bigger fish. In this case, the offices. Offices were usually located in multi-tenant buildings. This made the responsibility of cleaning solely of the building owner. But imagine, with a lot of people under one roof, they needed a full team. That is when maid services started to offer cleaning for offices. And so the famous term “night crew” was conceived. People inside offices started to hire a crew to clean at night. Office workers came in the next day to a clean and beautiful area.

Cleaning by size

While the office cleaning field was growing, so was the residential one. With companies getting permits to start every day, cleaning companies needed distinction. Something that made a company stood out from other cleaning services. And that is how some cleaning companies began offering different types of services. Let’s call them tiers. Some companies began offering an exclusive package for big homes. Others shifted towards the apartment sector. Even if it was small, cleaners believed that cleaning an apartment was a whole area of its own. And that is how the cleaning services became more specialized. More specific.

Going deep

When people thought of cleaning services, they thought they only offered superficial cleaning. But that is wrong. Cleaning services offer a lot of things. But one of the first ones that they added was deep cleaning. Superficial cleaning was out of the picture. It wasn’t their main focus. No, the focus now was deep cleaning. Something that would reach every nook and cranny at home. This attracted a lot of people. Especially during holidays. A lot of house owners wanted to have their house ready for the parties. Deep cleaning was the perfect option for all people. Cleaning services changed from being superficial to being trained professionals that cleaned everything.

Commercial growth

And while all homes were being taken care of, some other companies began thinking about their cleaning needs. People realized that there are a lot of industries that benefit from commercial cleaning. And that is when cleaning services realized they needed to expand their horizons. By looking for training programs and cleaning certifications, these companies were a force to be reckoned with. In a good way. Cleaning services went commercial and they specialized in specific industries. Restaurants, schools, daycares, spas, you name it. Every cleaner had now prepared for any challenge they could face.

The Evolution Of Maid Cleaning Services
The Evolution Of Maid Services

Floors and carpets

With the huge growth in commercial cleaning, people started asking them to clean their floors and carpets. This was something new for most companies. Even if today we have machines that do all the work, in the past, it wasn’t like that. All the labor was manual. But cleaning services adapted and began doing it without a hitch. Cleaning floors required knowledge of the material. It wasn’t only about applying the product and letting it sit for a while. No. They needed to know what to use and do. Same with carpets. Carpets were even more fragile and expensive. That is why many companies required licenses and insurance before even cleaning one.

The hosting business

Airbnb came to the market and that opened the doors of a new cleaning service. Cleaning companies saw a golden opportunity in this area. Hosting is big and it has grown bigger during the past years. Cleaning became an essential part of automating a property. Hosts were amazed at how useful a cleaning service could prove to be when managing their Airbnb. And it didn’t take long for the evolution of cleaning services to reach this sector. Cleaning companies trained themselves to fulfill Airbnb’s standards. They were ready to leave the house perfect for every single guest.

The Evolution Of Cleaning Services


We were quite surprised when cleaning companies started using technology in their processes. In the past, the house or business owner had to be present at all times. With technology, cleaners can send pictures, progress, and any information with just a click. It isn’t necessary to have all the people inside the building at all times. Even for scheduling. This has become even faster. With just an email, homeowners and business managers can book any service. It takes so little time and effort that it has become a standard in the industry.

The future of cleaning services

If one thing is for sure, cleaning services will continue changing every day, week, and month. As we know, cleaning has played a huge part in getting back to our normality. With what happened in these past years, cleaning has played a huge role. With regulations to follow and cleaning standards to meet, all people look for them now. And cleaning services instead of panicking, adapted. They offered new options and will continue to do so. That is the evolution of cleaning services.


The Evolution Of House Cleaning Services

That is something we have done. As a company with more than 10 years of serving Chicago and its surrounding, we’ve seen how everything has grown. And every day we are eager to adapt to every change the market throws at us. So, if you want a reliable and professional cleaning company, call today! We’ll be happy to offer you the option you are looking for.