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Church Floor Cleaning

Church Floor Cleaning

In the first place, the church floor cleaning are usually made of hard natural stone. The floor cleaning should be cleaned frequently and thoroughly. Also, for ease of cleaning, it can be done with a floor cleaning machine.

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Firstly, Use of scrubbing machines

To begin with, the use of a scrubber with the most suitable detergent simplifies the cleaning operations and does not damage the natural stone floors, this is for large churches or small parishes. 

Also, using a scrubber will reduce the time you spend mopping and can be used for other important activities required by the church.


Types of hard stone floors


Firstly, Church floors can be composed of different types of hard stone:


Also, is a limestone rock composed of various carbonates (calcium, magnesium, etc.) containing impurities and mineral salts that appear in the form of veins and various colors. In addition, it´s very beautiful to look at and easy to clean. 

 Finally, Travertine

Firstly, is a limestone rock in which calcium carbonate has sedimented various organic remains (leaves, spores, animal remains), which over time have decomposed giving the stone its characteristic spongy appearance and surface fractures.

In addition is very resistant to wear, but has a higher porosity than marble, being little sensitive to weathering, is used for paving (such as entrances and sidewalks of buildings) and to cover exterior walls.


A religious center is a very busy place, it needs constant cleaning to give people that confidence. A cleaning service is needed to take care of hygiene. This post about is: Church floor cleaning

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