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Churches In The New Normality

Churches In The New Normality

In the first place, there are many current recommendations for the temples where many people go, among the recommendations issued by the authority stand out the healthy distance, avoid physical contact and sanitary measures. These are the churches in the new normality.

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Sanitize the worship space before and after each meeting. For this purpose it is suggested to clean surfaces on a regular basis, using soap and water. In the disinfection of the surfaces of frequent contact (doorknobs, railings, handles, etc.) it is suggested to use chlorine water solution. We also recommend our next post: How To Keep Your Church Clean.




Keep the place well ventilated, preferably naturally, avoiding the use of fans that recirculate the air. 

In addition, if the building has air conditioning, make sure that the corresponding filters are always in place and replace those that are no longer in working condition.

It is also necessary to ensure that there are enough dispensers with alcohol gel solutions in a concentration greater than 70%, ensuring that all visitors apply it at the entrance and exit. Also, make sure they are not completely empty. Additionally, to complement your search we recommend: Church Floor Cleaning

Finally, Hygienic safety

Prior to entering, it is suggested to measure the temperature of each attendee electronically, requesting those persons who have a fever or fever (body temperature above 37° for fever and 38°c for fever) not to enter the religious service and verify that they enter the building with masks, maintaining their proper use (covering the nose, mouth and chin) during the religious service.


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