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How To Keep Your Church Clean

How To Keep Your Church Clean

Churches are known for a lot of things. But, if there is one people can agree on is the cleanliness of one. We’ve never heard of a single person saying a church is dirty. As soon as you enter you can see and feel how everything is tidy. And this is because churches have regulations too. But, do you know how to keep your church clean? Today we tell you! So, read our post to learn how you can pamper your congregation with a clean place.

Focus on the common areas

One of the most common areas inside a church will always be the seating area. Which is practically all of it. This is the area that the people that go there will see and use. If there is something bad with then people might talk about it after the service. It is necessary to keep this as tidy as possible. You can start by sweeping and mopping after every service and before the first one. Use your favorite wood-friendly cleaner to wipe the seats. There are a lot so you might be better off asking a cleaning service to help. Still, try to keep these spots clean so you don’t have any issues with people arriving.

The inside matters too

Taking care of other parts of the church is important as well. Those places that your congregation doesn’t see. Places like the office or kitchen. These places are used by people who serve the church. It is important to keep them clean. People who work there deserve a good and clean area too. Make it happen with a weekly cleaning service.

how to clean a church

Clean the stained glass

One of the most iconic parts of a church is the stained glass. Oh, how beautiful it is. Cleaning it is important. Even if it has colors on it people will notice if it is dirty. Do not use the coloring of the glass as an excuse to delay cleaning. Do it at least once a month and you’ll see the change.

And this is how to keep your church clean. As you can see most of it involves some extra help. So, do not hesitate on calling your local cleaning company. They’ll do wonders for your church.