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Disinfection Of Churches

Disinfection Of Churches

in the first place, the best way to disinfection of churches is to avoid disinfectant products that can damage the materials and the visitors.

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Measures to take in churches and exhibition areas

Disinfection Of Churches

It is not recommended to carry out fumigations or spraying inside the temples. Since several weeks ago, the current existence of the virus in the environment of such spaces is unlikely. However, if it has been celebrated individually by the priest, the spaces used should be cleaned in the normal way.

Among the most recommended methods of disinfection is the controlled spraying of ozone.

Because it is the disinfectant and antiseptic that stands out for being highly efficient as a bactericide, virucide and fungicide.

Also, as for the surfaces inside the temples, ethyl alcohol dissolved at 70% in water will be used, bleach reduced to 30% in water could be used, as well as other bleach-free disinfectant products. In addition, it is urged to maintain this cleaning protocol on a permanent basis, once normality returns.

Disinfection of liturgical furnishings and ornaments

The most important thing is that disinfections with corrosive products such as bleach or ammonia should not be carried out on movable goods, sculptures, altarpieces, paintings. Also, similarly, general spraying with other products or even soapy water should be avoided, as they can cause irreparable damage.

Finally the objects can be disinfected with a 70% alcohol solution or cleaned using a neutral soap, drying the entire surface thoroughly after cleaning.

Disinfection Of Churches

Cultural property in public spaces

Disinfection Of Churches

As regards the covers and images displayed in public places, they should not be directly disinfected and it is recommended to use a 70% ethanol solution in water sprayed at low pressure in the nearby areas.

Finally, all cleaning processes shall always be carried out with the corresponding processes that guarantee the safety of the person.

Cleanliness in the church is very important and necessary for the benefit of the believers. In addition, give them a hygienic place and avoid the stress of dirt.

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