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Cleaning Affects Purchasing Decisions

Cleaning Affects Purchasing Decisions

Your brand must always have a clean image, which deserves a vote of confidence from customers. The condition of your facility will determine how well you will do in sales. That’s why this post is about: Cleaning affects purchasing decisions.


Firstly, did you know that 4 out of 10 customers buy less in stores with poor cleanliness, this is because one of the behaviors that influence consumer buying decisions is perception. 

Cleanliness plays an important role in the factors that influence this decision. Not only is a good product important, but also the place and the way the customer gets it.


The first thing a person does before entering a store or office is to look carefully. The appearance of the place will be the letter of introduction for the customer, so if he finds a messy, dusty and dirty place, the response will not be positive.

In addition, you should know that 43% of people say that hygiene and cleanliness are enough to decide one store over another. Cleanliness favors 100% the image and prestige of a company.



Hiring a cleaning service generates safety for both your employees and customers, with constant cleaning you avoid accidents at work and the spread of diseases caused by viruses and bacteria.

In addition, it is important that within your business you apply sanitary safety measures, using masks, gloves and disinfectant gel or alcohol for constant hand washing.


Trust is one of the factors that influence consumers’ decision making at the time of purchase. Also, how is it possible to obtain it? By providing the customer with a safe and pleasant environment, where he feels comfortable and knows that he is dealing with the best.


Generating trust and the perception of quality in customers will only be possible if an establishment, office, local, or store is completely clean.

Now you know how cleanliness favors the purchasing decisions of your business’ consumers. 

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