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How To Achieve A Good Scent In Your Office

How To Achieve A Good Scent In Your Office

We are all able to determine whether a place smells good or bad the moment we enter, especially when the smells are strong and invade the space where we are. And if you are more sensitive than others to fragrances, they will end up harassing you and cause fatigue or headaches. How To Achieve A Good Scent In Your Office.

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Scent Marketing

We will feel more at ease if we are in a place that gives off a subtle but pleasant scent. That’s why there is a branch of sensory marketing that specializes in smell. This is the sense with the greatest power of evocation, so olfactory marketing aims to associate a particular scent with the values that the company, customer or product wishes to convey. 


With a simple blow of the nose, the customer will relate the product with a concept, an idea, a sensation or a moment. Therefore, it generates a certain effect or creates a shopping experience with a differential value. In addition, it revalorizes the brand at the point of sale, transmits values and provokes reactions in the consumer. To get you started we recommend the following post: Tips For Keeping The Office Clean.

Which oils to choose?


The first thing to know is what an essential oil is. To make 1 liter of lavender essential oil, 400 kilos of flowers are needed. It is very important that the essential oil is natural, because if it is chemical, the brain will not produce any emotional response, because it does not have the memory of the plant which is what contains the healing property.

 Each plant has its healing property. Additionally we recommend the following post: Improve your office productivity with these tips.

Finally, more oils

  • Bergamot: Induces relaxation, peace and harmony.
  • Clove: Helps to overcome internal conflicts and to face problems in a calmer way.
  • Juniper: Helps to cleanse the environment of negative vibrations in all its forms and attracts protective energies.
  • Wintergreen: Increases optimism, harmonizes the environment and calms frustrations.
  • Neroli: Gives vitality and confidence, calms anxieties and fears, relieves sadness, pessimism, fears and traumas. Relaxes, restores, cleanses and raises the spirit.
  • Roman Chamomile: Helps to relax and calm the environment in episodes of stress or emotional shock. Finally we recommend the following post: Tips for office maintenance and cleaning
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