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How To Clean A Mattress For Your Airbnb

How To Clean A Mattress For Your Airbnb

Let’s face it, a lot of things get dirty when we have guests on our Airbnb. Even if we do everything within our power to protect our things, they still get dirty. One of the ones that we wish wouldn’t get dirty but they do is our mattresses. Cleaning them isn’t easy though. It takes a lot of time. And that is horrible because if you are between guests then you need to take care of the situation as soon as possible. Well, today we tell you how to clean a mattress for your Airbnb. We hope that this post can help you clean your mattresses faster for your guests.

Vacuum and clean

If you see some visible dirt or stains then the best thing you can do is superficial clean. Depending on the type of stain you see it might be easier to get rid of than others. Most hosts vacuum their mattresses as soon as guests leave. This removes all the dust and dirt that has built up on them. However, if someone spilled liquids then you might want to wash the mattress. Doing this between guests is difficult and we don’t recommend it. Yet, there is another way how to clean a mattress for your Airbnb.

Preventing stains and spillage

Now, the best way to stop a mattress from getting dirt is by preventing it. Which yes, might seem a bit strange in our post but, hear us out. If it were a normal house, cleaning a mattress wouldn’t be such a hassle. But, for an Airbnb property, time is of the essence. While you CAN clean the mattress, we don’t recommend doing it. They take too long to get dry and if they aren’t dry that might be an issue for your guests. Getting a mattress protector will do the trick. You can stop any and all stains and spillage just by putting one on. Guests don’t mind. On the contrary, they prefer when a mattress is fully covered and protected.