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How to Clean Coated Walls

How to Clean Coated Walls

Coated walls are one of the most popular decoration trends of the moment. They allow us to decorate our spaces in a comfortable and economical way. As they are made of different types of fabrics, a special cleaning routine must be followed. And in Quick Cleaning, we have some recommendations on how to clean coated walls.

A special treatment

Walls are fundamental elements when decorating a room. They reflect the attitudes and personalities of the people who live in them. Unfortunately, it is impossible to keep them impeccable no matter how much you avoid touching them. The reason for this is that most of the dirt is inside the air of the room and it ends up sticking to the surface of the walls. This is why it is recommended to clean the walls once every two weeks to maintain their appearance. How to clean coated walls are usually a simple job most of the time. Whether it is paint, wallpaper, or vinyl, cleaning these surfaces only requires time and soapy water most of the time.

How to Clean Coated Walls At Home
Tips to Clean Coated Walls

Remember to let dry thoroughly

If you really want to learn about how to clean coated walls, you should never forget something. Once you are done cleaning you need to let the surface dry thoroughly. Wet fabric is prone to stain more easily and immediately, so the slightest rubbing can cause a major disaster. Also, remember that not drying can lead to house damage or even mold, or worse. If you are interested in how to clean canvas walls, know that in Quick Cleaning we can do it for you in a very fast and affordable way. Contact us and visit our website to learn about the different services we offer for the care of your spaces. We are ready to help every day of the week and any time of the day.