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Essential Cleaning Oils

Essential Cleaning Oils

When it comes to house cleaning we are always looking for ways to innovate, and do it faster, and better. For the first one, one of the things that people are always using is oils. These little things are perfect for those who are fans of green or DIY cleaning. There are some amazing essential cleaning oils out there that’ll do wonders for your home. Even some deep cleaning services like ours recommend them. So, if you are looking for a way to get inspired by cleaning while also cleaning in an innovative way, read on! Today we tell you about the essential cleaning oils you should always have.


Cinnamon essential oils have a lot of properties. Some esoteric businesses use them for spiritual cleansing or “limpiezas espirituales ” in Spanish. However, for the actual cleaning part, cinnamon has different properties. Cinnamon is perfect to prevent mold from appearing. This is something awesome for people who live in an apartment and don’t have a lot of time to clean in a deep way. Also, cinnamon is a disinfectant so, if you want to make sure there aren’t any bacteria around your house, use this essential oil. You won’t regret it.

Essential Oils for House Cleaning
Essential Oils for Deep Cleaning

Sweet Orange

Now, if you’re looking for something to help specifically in the kitchen, sweet orange oils are for you. We’ve already talked about the wonders that baking soda and citrus can do for cleaning. Well, having an oil will do all that as well. Sweet orange has some great degreasing properties. So, it is an amazing oil to have every time you clean your appliances, especially the oven. We recommend that you start buying some oils and make a collection. You never know when you’ll use them but when you do, the cleaning will be a lot easier and a lot nicer.

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