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How To Make A Natural Bleach Alternative

How To Make A Natural Bleach Alternative

We are all always looking for better ways to clean our homes. The better part also involves making the cleaning healthier. That is why we are always looking for ways to nudge people into green cleaning. Doing so will actually save you a lot of money and effort, which in the long run is good. Today we tell you how to make a natural bleach alternative. If you want to stop buying that product and go for a greener cleaner solution, this article will help you a lot in that matter. So, get ready to learn how to make a natural bleach alternative.

The 2 key ingredients

That’s right, you’ll only need two ingredients for the alternative. While some people prefer to buy a green cleaning product, which we have nothing against. You can save a lot more money by making one with only 2 ingredients. You’ll need 3-4 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide and one drop of lemon essential oil. It is paramount that you only mix these two. Mixing things that you shouldn’t cause some problems in your home could be bad. So, only get these two things and get ready to start mixing.

Is it safe?

Yes! This natural bleach alternative is completely safe to use. You don’t need to worry about anything bad happening at home if you use it. However, you have to treat it as bleach. While it isn’t as dangerous, it can still cause the same effects. You can use it with white clothes but never drop it directly on colored ones. This will also leave marks that won’t go away. So, try to avoid using this solution on things that you like. And as always, try these solutions for your weekly deep cleaning. You will see the difference in no time.