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How To Clean Your Office Fridge

How To Clean Your Office Fridge

Learning how to clean your office fridge is of prime necessity to eliminate any kind of bad odor. In addition, this prevents food from being damaged quickly, keeping everything in good condition. This is our recommendation on how to properly clean a fridge. Just as it is important to clean the microwave, oven, and stove, it is also relevant to work on the refrigerator. However, it is vital that you understand the difference between cleaning and disinfecting, as they are not the same concepts. It is true that they go hand in hand, but a distinction must be made.

Importance of cleaning the refrigerator

The refrigerator is one of the appliances that concentrates the most germs and bacteria, both inside and outside. Unfortunately, not everyone gives due importance to cleaning it, completely damaging its health. Also, you may think it is clean when the truth is that it has been filled with dirt.

How To Clean Your Office Fridge Fast
How To Clean Your Office Fridge

How to clean and disinfect the refrigerator

On the other hand, remember that it is an appliance that you are constantly touching with your hands, so you know what to do. The coronavirus is on the prowl and at any moment it can hit home. So, anything made of metal should be cleaned thoroughly.

The first thing you need to do is to disconnect the appliance from the electric current. This allows you to work more comfortably and safely, as well as save energy. Also, if you have an advanced model, it will be annoying to hear the beep when the door is open.

When you have the appliance turned off, you should remove all food products from inside. It is appropriate to place them in a cool area to avoid spoilage. Of course, you should work quickly to avoid damaging the food you have placed on the outside.

In case you have a frosty refrigerator, it is advisable to wait for it to defrost completely.

The last cleaning and disinfection step is to leave the door open for a few minutes to eliminate humidity. Also, it is convenient to wipe with a microfiber cloth or absorbent paper so that no residue remains.