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How To Clean Your Warehouse

How To Clean Your Warehouse

Big and even small companies rely on the benefit of having a warehouse. A great place to stare, organize and take care of any shipping orders. Warehouses have become common and a must for any business. However, cleaning them takes a lot of time and frankly, it is a bit too much sometimes. Well, as always we bring you a guide on how to clean your warehouse.

Think of it as a good habit

First of all, like in any other cleaning activity, we have to look at it as if it were a habit. A good one of course. Warehouses house (no pun intended) a lot of things. Depending on your products some might take more space than others. Nevertheless, they gather dust and more. So if you get all the warehouse people in the same mindset of cleaning and organizing the warehouse it’ll become easier. Finding the strength to clean can be a bit daunting sometimes after a normal day’s work. Especially if we are talking about the warehouse it is nothing of short work. Warehouse workers handle shipments, move products between shelves, and more. One thing we recommend is scheduling cleaning the day you do inventory. This is practically like hitting two birds with one stone. While checking everything in your warehouse you are also cleaning which is great. But, if you’d like to do it after that is also acceptable. You can always look for a Cleaning Company. Most of them offer customizable schedules and services depending on how often you need them. Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Or something in-between.

Warehouse Cleaning Checklist

For monthly tasks we recommend these:
-Take all products off shelves and wipe them
-Clean all blinds and windows
-Wash walkways and the entrance to the warehouse
These are just a few of the recommendations we have but most of them comply with today’s regulations.
Independently of whether you hire a cleaning service or do it yourself, there are some steps you should follow. Doing a cleaning checklist does wonder. Both for doing it or supervising it.
For daily activities we suggest the following:
-Sweeping and mopping the floor
-Take out the trash and separate it
-Wipe down those heavily trafficked areas
-Clean the moving equipment like forklifts and such

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Speaking of tips to clean your warehouse one thing that should never forget is to make a plan. Having a plan for cleaning your warehouse will make the process work like a clock. This will help you organize people depending on what they need to clean. If you assign every person to their respective area the cleaning activity will be done like a well-oiled machine.

Benefits of Cleaning your Warehouse

Beyond the looks and a tidy place it also helps to make your employees feel safe. These days everything has changed inside every business. There are new regulations and recommendations and people are aware of them. Cleaning regularly will ensure your peers feel safe and happy to be working there. Don’t do it only for yourself but for them and everyone that helps your business grow.
Remember to follow us for more cleaning tips and do not forget to contact us with any questions you may have regarding cleaning services.