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Tips To Increase Hygiene In Your Company

Tips To Increase Hygiene In Your Company

In the first place, in most businesses the first physical contact occurs at the moment when the customer enters our premises, therefore, we must give great importance to hygiene, cleanliness, decoration. Tips to increase hygiene in your company.

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Personal hygiene

The main measure to prevent and control hygiene is personal hygiene, especially hand hygiene. Also, frequent and careful hand washing, respiratory hygiene (coughing into disposable tissues) and avoiding contact with eyes, mouth and nose, are the most effective preventive measure. 


Contamination of surfaces


At this time, it is necessary to reduce the contamination of handling surfaces and floors, as these are the places with the highest risk of contagion due to their exposure to a large number of people. 

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The cleaning and disinfection of these should be intensified, with emphasis on the most crowded areas, both by workers and the general public, as well as the surfaces of greater manipulation such as baskets and shopping carts, counters, door knobs, handrails and railings, light switches, keyboards and touch screens, telephones, etc.

Cleaning and disinfection protocols

It is important to know which products to use for cleaning and disinfection. Common disinfectants will inactivate these viruses in a matter of minutes. It is recommended to use household bleach and mix it with water before use. Additionally we recommend the following post: Effective Tips To Keep Your Business Clean 2022.


To guarantee the effectiveness of the cleaning and disinfection, the following hygiene tips for clothes should be followed:

  • Clean surfaces with professional detergent products.
  • Rinse the surface thoroughly.
  • Disinfect the area with household bleach.
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