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How To Deep Clean a New Home Before Moving In

How To Deep Clean a New Home Before Moving In

Moving into a new house is amazing. There is nothing better than that feeling of a new place. You open the doors, you imagine where everything will be. You have already the bigger picture but, one thing is missing. The cleaning. Cleaning can be quite tedious. Especially after or before unpacking. Today we tell you how to deep clean a new home before moving in. Get every spot ready before using your new home.

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The first place we recommend you start with is the bathroom. It is a good place to do it since not a lot of things go there. Also, all furniture is already there. Put on some gloves and get your favorite cleaning product. Scrub the walls, toilet, sink, and all. If you prefer you can use some baking soda and vinegar to do it.


This one is a bit more tedious. Especially if the previous owners or tenants didn’t do a proper cleaning. You might be dealing with grease here. In that case, you can use heavy-duty products or degreasers. You might also want to check the appliances. Especially, the oven. Cleaning the oven is difficult. But you can do it before you start living there. Nothing like cooking in a nice and new-like oven.


Either you want to paint them or leave them like that, they need cleaning. Everybody stains their walls. That is a fact. Be it from footprints or overall dirt. It happens. Mix some soap with vinegar to do some deep cleaning. You’ll see those walls ready to put things upon them.

how to deep clean a house before moving in


Floor cleaning is situational. As it depends on the type of floor your new home has. It may have a carpet or you may have tiles. For carpets, it is recommended to get a cleaning company to help. For the other floors, you can do it yourself with your favorite floor cleaning solution. Just make sure it doesn’t have a lot of chemicals so it doesn’t harm it. Do that and you’ll be good to go.

Deep cleaning can be done quickly if you have the tools and the help. And, by help, we mean a cleaning service. Do not hesitate on calling your local one for that extra hand.