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How To Fight The Cold In The Office?

How To Fight The Cold In The Office?

How to fight the cold in the office? The question many people ask themselves for not being able to work comfortably during the coldest months. As we have explained above, the drop in body temperature is related to productivity and deterioration in the physical and manual execution of work. 

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Get moving

In those moments when it is possible to go out for a coffee or walk, it is good to take advantage of the occasion to get moving. It is a way to warm up, and if the sun is nice, don’t hesitate to enjoy it. The sun’s rays are very beneficial for our body. To start, we recommend you this next post: The Psychology Behind Office Cleaning.


Finally, ventilate the office


It is very important to keep the office ventilated. We should do this at least once a day. Also, the cold air renews the environment and prevents contagions and colds.

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In addition, the ambient temperature directly affects the overall production of the company. For this reason, it is advisable to use air conditioners or humidifiers that allow us to maintain a pleasant environment of approximately 25 degrees.

Foods that combat the cold

If the cold in our office persists we can take certain foods that will increase our temperature and body wellbeing. Also, the intake of caloric products has to be done in a balanced way, so as not to produce a weight gain. Finally we recommend the following post: Work In A Healthy Office.


Besides keeping your office at an ideal temperature, it is important to keep it clean so that the space is always hygienic. With the air conditioning on, it is easier for you to catch bacteria and viruses. 

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