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How To Handle Bad Airbnb Reviews

How To Handle Bad Airbnb Reviews

Even if our property is the best, the house is in top condition, and the style is amazing, that will not stop people from leaving bad reviews. Sometimes they can leave a bad review on your Airbnb for any external factor that wasn’t your fault at all. And it is normal that hosts to feel angered or sad. After all, an Airbnb listing represents a huge investment. Yet, handling bad reviews can really make or break your property and your online presence. Today we tell you how to handle bad Airbnb reviews.

Don't take it personal

Now, this applies to every single review or opinion out there. When it comes to something that isn’t directly about you, do not take it personally. Remember, they are making a review about your property, not you. Some hosts tend to get a bit sad and they comment as if the review were for them. Avoid this. As hosts, everyone is walking on thin ice trying to achieve that 5-start status. Try to keep yourself afloat by answering in a nice way. That is one of the best ways how to handle bad Airbnb reviews. It pays to be patient and it pays really well.

How To Deal with Bad Airbnb Reviews
How To Handle Bad Airbnb Reviews

Acknowledge and address the issue

Once your head is cool as a host, it is time to handle the problem. The first thing you have to do is acknowledge the issue. Never blame another thing. No. Acknowledge it and let the guests know that you are aware of every single thing in the complaint. Now, once you’ve done that, you can start the apologizing process. It is important that you show guests that you are sorry and you will be addressing the issue. Showing that you are communicative and active on forums will really boost you as a host. So, always be there for guests. In good and bad situations.

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