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Vacation Rental Cleaning Hacks

Vacation Rental Cleaning Hacks

When it comes to cleaning, we all want to do it in a fast and efficient way. After all, in this case, time is money. During a busy season, hosts tend to receive a lot of guests. This is amazing but if you do not have your property under control, it can become hectic.  Cleaning is an aspect that can either make or break a property. And, it can also affect the overall renting process. So, if you are someone with a lot of things to do, today we bring you some vacation rental cleaning hacks. Learn what to clean and how to clean in the fastest way.

Clean beyond the checklist

So, a lot of companies that clean Airbnb properties recommend doing a checklist. And yes, it is an amazing and perfect idea, yet, it shouldn’t be the only one. Why? Because in the long run, some hosts become overconfident. And, if you miss one single thing about the checklist, you can get some bad reviews. Thinking outside of the checklist can actually do things better for you. If you lose the list for a bit and opt for cleaning what you know guests use more, this will be a lot better.

Vacation Rental Cleaning Tips
Vacation Rental Cleaning Hacks

Cleaning machines are your friends

In this case, we are talking about the Vacuum cleaner. This handy machine is great not only for houses with carpets but for all of them. Why? Well, if you want to do one of the greatest vacation rental cleaning hacks, this is the one. Use the vacuum to get rid of all stray hair around your property. People complain about a lot of things, that is normal. But, stray hair, is really bad. Use your vacuum around all your house. In the tight spaces of couches or even pillows. Better safe than sorry.

There are a lot more cleaning hacks out there that we will continue sharing. So, stay tuned for more, and for any cleaning service we’re your #1 option!

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