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How To Pack Your Dishes For Your Move

How to pack dishes for moving house

The process of moving house is tedious, especially storing and transporting small and delicate things, but don’t worry anymore and learn with us how to pack your dishes for your move.


Material of your tableware

There are crockery made of different materials such as porcelain, ceramic and everything made of glass. All these materials are very important to take care of.


We know that one of the most effective and recommended ways to pack all the fragile items and glassware you have at home, whether they are glasses, plates, cups, glasses, decorative items, candle holders, etc., is to wrap them in paper and put them in the cardboard boxes you have chosen to store your belongings.


Packing glass


We recommend that you separate each piece with several layers of paper or newspaper, wrap them perfectly until they are perfectly folded.

When placing them in the cardboard boxes, keep the heaviest items at the bottom,


First, before placing the objects, place layers of paper all the way to the bottom of the boxes so that the objects have a kind of cushion. After doing this, put each of the glasses or cups vertically and finish trying to fill with paper all the spaces that are free between them.


Packing dishes


To move the dishes, use cardboard boxes, these will be your greatest allies in the whole process of your change of house. To pack them safely, as with glasses and cups, place paper or newspaper at the bottom of the box. As a next step, wrap a plate with two or three sheets of paper, place another plate on top and cover it in the same way. After doing this, wrap both with more paper.

To put them in the box, place them in packs of two by two, wrap them vertically and place them on top of each other in the same way. Fill any remaining spaces with crumpled newspaper to make it padded. Close the box with adhesive or insulating tape and they are ready to be transported.



We assure you that if you follow these tips, your glassware, dishes and all your most fragile and valuable items will arrive at your new home, fully intact. We hope you find this post on How to pack your dishes for the move useful.