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How to Strip and Wax Commercial Floors

How To Strip And Wax Commercial Floors

Floors are the first thing everyone notices as they enter a building. Part of your office’s image is its floor. Nothing tells your clients how tidy your company is as the floors you have. So, what happens if they are not in the best condition? Cleaning them is important and can be done constantly. But, there is another thing you can do to give them that perfect and extra shine. Yes, waxing. Floor waxing is what we recommend for every business owner that wants to make a great impression. Read today on how to strip and wax commercial floors.

What is the difference between stripping and waxing?

Stripping and waxing are two things that go hand in hand. Like peanut butter and jelly. When the old wax layers are starting to wear out then stripping is what you need. Basically stripping is the process that restores that nice look to your floor. Then, waxing comes in. Waxing is what you do once the floor has lost its original and old wax layers. With waxing, you can give that floor the look you are aiming for. It’ll look as shiny as you can imagine.

how to wax and strip commercial floors
how to wax commercial floors

How to strip and wax?

For stripping, you need to prepare the floor by mopping it. Every part of it needs to be mopped to perfection. Once that is ready you need to get the solution ready. Every floor needs a different solution so make sure to ask the experts first. Let the solution dwell and start stripping and waxing. Once that is done just let it dry for a bit and apply those finishes.


Both of these processes are restorative. Ideally, a floor stripping and waxing job last for a year. It can be done every 6 months though, that is also a good idea if you want to keep those floors as clean and nice as possible. Although, once a year is the best option. You also ought to look for companies that use the right waxing machines. The better the machines the use the longer the job will last. So, make sure that you ask your local company before hiring it. You deserve the best service. This is how to strip and wax commercial floors. Do this often so you can have the best floors around. And for any floor cleaning remember to contact us.