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Kitchen Packing List for an Easy Move-Out

Kitchen Packing List for an Easy Move-Out

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Kitchen Packing List for an Easy Move-Out

Certainly, ready to move? You’ve hired a moving service, and you think you’re ready for the big day? Well, here is some helpful advice about your Kitchen Packing List for an Easy Move-Out!

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Kitchen Packing List for an Easy Move-Out​

Prepare an essentials box to start your Kitchen Packing List for an Easy Move-Out

Collect packing materials. Indeed, people frequently use leftover newspapers to pack spaces around items inboxes. But, unprinted news wrap paper is better since it has no ink to rub off on things.

Pack Items not frequently used. Start by packing the items in your cupboards and drawers that you don’t use daily, like wine glasses and extra dish towels.


Pack the drawers and shelves

Start the packing list with the messiest drawer. Get rid of extra items or items you no longer use. Pack the cutlery drawer, keeping only one set per family member. These sets will be in your essentials box.

Pack the dishes

Assemble the cell boxes for glasses and stemware. Take your time with this step. This is also the time to pack plates and bowls.


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Kitchen Packing List for an Easy Move-Out here

The pots and pans are also on the packing list.

First, keep at least one all-purpose pot for your essentials box. Pack the rest, including lids and crockery.

Pack the pantry

The pantry should’ve been sorted by now, with only those items you want to move separated out. Start with the spices, then work your way to the more oversized items.

Hire a cleaning service when you finish your Kitchen Packing List 

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