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Organize My Store To Improve Sales

Organize My Store To Improve Sales

When you enter the store you have just bought or rented, you will probably have the following question: how do I organize my store? Where do I place each of the elements to promote the sale of certain types of products? In the following article we give you guidelines to organize my store to improve sales.

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In the event that our business requires a physical store where we are going to sell our products, it is necessary to establish a good organization of the elements of the same, with the aim of promoting sales. 

For this, it is very important that, once we have determined the decoration of the premises, located its elements, and opened our doors, we analyze the behavior of customers. Also, the objective is to establish the areas where we should place the new products and the areas where we should place promotions, offers, products of greater consumption, etc.

Tips for organizing products


The first thing to do is to observe your customers. Do it, logically, with discretion, but try to establish what tends to be, naturally, the ‘route’ that they follow throughout the establishment. 

Secondly, you must identify which are the areas where customers go naturally, and which are the areas where customers do not circulate so frequently within your commercial premises.

Also, once you have identified the areas with the highest and lowest traffic within the store, it is time to place the products in a certain way, to ensure that you maintain the traffic in the areas that the customer instinctively visits.


Where and how to place the cash register in my store

To continue with our attempts to reactivate those dark areas of our commercial premises, we must locate the cash register near these areas of low traffic, also following the following recommendations:

In addition, the areas occupied by queues will immediately become low-intensity, since the customer does not want to buy a product surrounded by other people waiting to pay.


Have you ever wondered why batteries or chewing gum are usually at or near checkouts in supermarkets? The reason is simple. They are purchases that are made compulsively. Place products there that you consider do not require a great deal of thought on the part of the customer, because you will increase your sales.



In addition and finally, cleanliness is a very important factor to increase sales and attract customers.

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