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Reasons To Wash Your Office Walls Constantly

Reasons To Wash Your Office Walls Constantly

Cleaning itself is or can be confusing. Not because is hard or anything but because it can include a lot of things. At home, we know what to clean and when to clean it. It isn’t hard because we spend all our day there. In the office though, it is different. First because, even if we work there, we do not live there. We leave the place when we finish our shift and that is it. Yes, we clean our space but that is it. And yet, have you looked at the walls? Well, those are important for an office too. And today we have some reasons to wash your office walls constantly.

The importance of wall cleaning

Beyond the visual aspect, there is also a functional one. Walls can accumulate a lot of things. Mold is the worst one when it comes to walls. If your manager leaves the mold accumulating for long it will be really bad. Bad enough that you might have to tear down the wall. That can be very expensive and present a hindrance for office workers. This is one of the reasons to wash your office walls constantly. You can prevent mold from appearing and have them in top condition.


How To Clean Your Office Walls

Now that we explained the reasons, let’s begin with the process. The fastest way to do it is by just letting a commercial cleaning service take care of them. But, if you’d like to do it with other co-workers, there is a way.

Start by removing the dust. If you wash a wall that has dust on it, it will be bad. Really bad. Use cloths without color and simple cleaning products. Nothing with a lot of chemicals to avoid damage. And, just scrub. Scrub until all stains are gone and dry with a clean cloth. Oh also, pick a day with good weather, preferably hot. This will dry your walls faster.

And there you have it, not hard at all. Be sure to make wall cleaning a good habit for you and others in the office.