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Cleanliness And Order At The Point Of Sale

Cleanliness And Order At The Point Of Sale

The retail world is still standing and still struggling with the internet giants. If we are going to have a physical store there are essential details that we cannot ignore. Such as cleanliness and order at the point of sale. It is necessary to employ daily routines that help our brand to evolve. 

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Store cleanliness must be a fundamental action. Seeing a dirty place is an unpleasant sensation. Think that visual merchandising is to make the customer stay in the store as long as possible. If I keep everything dirty, nobody will want to stay longer than necessary. 

Also, they may not even come in or they may not come back because of that impression.

 There are places where there is not much traffic, therefore, maintenance is easier and can be done only once a day. So the first thing we must do to evaluate these two points is to evaluate the traffic in the store and the type of maintenance that can be done.


After cleanliness comes order. A very saturated place can cause anxiety. And this feeds the idea of wanting to run out of a place. For this reason you can see that, in stores like Zara, they have their staff arranging garments at all times. 

In addition, by arranging garments at certain times during the day, it helps them maintain the order and style for which they are known. 


We are also going to see that when we run out of certain references it will be a little difficult to maintain the original order. In this case, we must fill empty spaces with references that go according to the display area. Use color schemes as a tool for harmonious maintenance.

General Maintenance


Apart from cleanliness and order, we must take into account the general maintenance of the store. This will help us to sustain the brand image positively.

The factors that make up the general maintenance of a store are the following: Lighting, Furniture, Painting.

In addition and finally, cleanliness is a very important factor to increase sales and attract customers.

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