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Prevent Indoor Pollution In My Office

Prevent Indoor Pollution In My Office

IIn the first place, it is important that the air inside an office meets certain quality requirements. It is important to prevent indoor pollution in my office.

Air quality prevention is a problem that has become more important in recent years.

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Indoor air quality is defined as the set of environmental conditions existing in an enclosure, facility and/or building. Also, the pollutants present in the ambient air enter the organism by inhalation and, therefore, initially affect the respiratory tract, but can also be absorbed and affect other organs or accumulate in different tissues.

Inadequate ventilation


Inadequate ventilation due to insufficient fresh air supply, either by air recirculation or low supply air flow; or incorrect air filtration due to improper maintenance or inadequate design of the filtration system.

Also, indoor contamination from sources such as the individual, cross-contamination, improper use of cleaning products, disinfectants, or combustion gases.

External contamination due to the entry of vehicle exhaust fumes, boiler gases, products used in construction and maintenance, etc. into the building. 

Practical guidelines

Some organizations such as the World Health Organization have made some practical guides with recommendations and methods for air quality control:

– If the source of contamination is identified, it should eliminated or, failing that, replaced.

– If the source of contamination cannot eliminated, it should be covered with bars.


In addition, check the efficiency of the ventilation, carrying out the necessary tests to verify that the required parameters are met.

In addition, hygiene


Any expenditure to improve the health of employees should see as an investment for the benefits it brings. That is why it is advisable to hire an office cleaning service.

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