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Tips for Having a Stress-Free Move during Fall

Tips for Having a Stress-Free Move during Fall

It may seem obvious, but fall is like a really busy time of the year. Since summer is over now in Chicago, you have to get back to your normal routine of life. And this new adjustment can be stressful and exhausting. Now, you have decided to move during fall. The whole picture can turn into a very chaotic season. The new fall routine, or the changing temperatures, it is all a lot. However, there are also good advantages of moving during fall. The weather might be changing, but into a more comfortable one, and the back-to-school rush is over too. So, with all that said, you still need to prepare for a smooth moving process. Perhaps even considering hiring a move out cleaning in Chicago and other things. Here are some tips for having a stress-free move during fall.

Prepare for school changes

In case you have a family with children who still go to school, you need to be ready to talk to them about all the school changes they will go through. Moving is usually stressful for children, since this means for them that they will be leaving their friends.

Furthermore, moving into a place completely new can be scary for them. So, it is better if you go step-by-step with them. You can begin by visiting their new school with them (before the moving actually starts). 

Tips for Having a Stress Free Move during Fall prepare for school changes

Likewise, it can be excellent if you show them some fun local parks. In this way, the whole transition can become a whole exciting experience. Children won’t get too stress or negative towards the moving, if they know what to expect.

Clear fallen leaves

Something that usually happens during fall is that leaves change their colors and fall onto the ground. Though it may seem like a beautiful scenery to see, it can also cause a mess when you are moving. Let’s say that you have hired a moving company to help you with it. If the whole sidewalk or driveway is full of leaves, it may be difficult for the movers to walk into your home or to drive their vehicles there.

It is much better to clear your pathway, so the whole moving process can be easier, without too many accidents. Furthermore, you can, as well, hire a move out cleaning Chicago, and ask them if they also can include this into their cleaning process. All matters when it comes to a smooth moving process.

Protect your rugs and floors

Tips for Having a Stress Free Move during Fall protect your rugs and floors

What usually happens when you decide to move out from your house is that there are many things that you pack or unpack. Likewise, there are many people walking in and out your house, and so on. All these can make your floors and rugs get dirty. Why so?

Because with their foot, they can get mud into your place and ruin all your rugs. You can use some type of protective materials, like plastic painter’s sheeting, or large black trash bags. This is for the sake of your floors and rugs. 

On the other hand, if there are some rugs that are already dirty, you can ask a cleaning service to clean them for you. In this way, you will have everything clean and ready for when you have to move.

Setup Utilities in Advance

A really tedious situation is when you move out, and you get to your new home, but, then, realize that you have forgotten to set up your utilities like electricity and gas. The whole thing is very frustrating since you will be arriving to a place where everything feels chilly, wet, and dark and cold. It is not a comfortable place to live in. You need to remember to do it in advance, so you won’t have to wait that long. Keep in mind that some of these new accounts can take days to finally set up. Think ahead of time and arrive to a warm and bright home from the very first day.

Choose comfortable clothing

You have decided to move during fall. We can say that it is a good idea. The weather is much better than summer. But you also need to take into mind that the heat is not as it used to be. So, you need to pick your clothes carefully.

Let’s say that you try with some shorts and a t-shirt. It might seem a good idea, since you will need to dress with comfortable clothing. The weather might not think the same. During this season, there is more air currents, which can make you feel cold during your moving process. 

Tips for Having a Stress Free Move during Fall choose comfortable clothing

On the other hand, let’s say that you decide to wear a heavy jacket or sweater. It is still not that cold, so you might feel too warm. To avoid feeling uncomfortable, you could choose to dress in layers, since you will feel better during a move. There are many things to take care and to look at. Even you decide to hire a Lincoln Park Cleaning Services, you still need to focus on other things. Try to use comfortable clothes.

Declutter from the Summer

As soon as the summer ends, and you have decided to move during fall, there are some things you can do to alleviate a little bit this process. You probably have some clothing items, swimwear, beach gear, outdoor furniture and else that belong to your summer vacation. You can perfectly ask a Lincoln Park Cleaning Service to clean it for you and arrange it into their respective boxes. But you will be wasting some space. And let’s face it. You probably won’t use some of that stuff again next year. So, why not better discard them now?

You can throw them, or if they are still in good shape, you can consider donating them. There are many things you can donate, especially clothes that your family members never wore, or that you don’t like anymore. You will be saving tons of space and money.

Move during fall!

Moving during fall can be a great time if you know how to organize well. It is important you don’t forget all the tips we are giving, since it can help you to move without stress. Likewise, it is important to have everything ready, and that includes your house clean and ready for the move. Be ready and move quickly!