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Ways To Protect Your Skin While Cleaning

Ways To Protect Your Skin While Cleaning

There are two types of cleaning methods out there. The normal one, where we only clean the surface so people don’t notice dirt or dust. And deep cleaning. The one that most people do only when they have guests over. Truth is, the latter should be done more often. However, some people worry too much because of all the products involved and the damage they might cause. Not to the things of the house or anything, but to themselves. Well, buckle up! Because today we have some ways to protect your skin while cleaning. Fear no more with these tips to deep clean safely.


In another post, we mentioned that some common green cleaning products are gloves. The disposable ones. We recommend that you have a box full of them so you always use them when cleaning. While nowadays cleaning products aren’t chemical-heavy, you can’t be too careful. So, always keep some at home to prevent any skin irritation or worse.

Tips To Protect Your Skin While Cleaning

Dress up for the occasion

A lot of people start cleaning with whatever they have on. And while we don’t have anything against comfort or a quick cleaning, you need to be prepared. How? You need to dress up for your deep cleaning day. How? Wear long-sleeve shirts, comfortable pants, and the gloves we mentioned above. All of these things will keep you safe will you clean.

How To Protect Your Skin While Cleaning

Clean yourself after the deep cleaning

One of the most important ways to protect your skin while cleaning is actually after the cleaning. Sometimes cleaning products can sneak inside the gloves. If that happens, and you don’t clean yourself, your skin can get dry. Especially when using bleach. So, make sure to always wash your hands and yourself as soon as you finish. This way you and your home will be completely and impeccably clean.
But, if you want to save yourself from the hassle, call us! We’ll be glad to help you with your deep cleaning at home.