Airbnb Cleaning: DIY vs Hire a Company

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Clean Airbnb Apartment

Hosts include cleaning fees in their listings to cover the costs associated with preparing accommodations before guests arrive or after they depart. However, if you are the host you have two options: clean yourself or hire an Airbnb cleaning service. Each cleaning has its pros and cons

Airbnb Cleaning Cleaning DIY

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of doing it yourself.

1. Save money

You are free to provide a good customer experience in cleaning the rental. If you clean more, you will save a lot more. Cleaning yourself doesn’t mean you should forget to do a deep clean as a cleaning company would.

If you are cleaning yourself, you will pocket much more money from your host job. Still, you can require your guests to pay the maximum allowed for the cleaning service and they won’t know it’s you cleaning after your stay

2. Have total control

You will have control of the cleaning, so you avoid the risk of things being lost or misplaced in the rented space.

3. Time

You save money but you will dedicate time to cleaning, it is a disadvantage so you must balance the costs and benefits of your time. 

Depending on the size of your rental, you may spend a large amount of time cleaning. Guests expect excellent service from the place, that the place is clean and accommodated as if it were a hotel.

Hire an Airbnb Cleaning Company

By hiring an Airbnb cleaning service you will devote more time to your airbnb rental business. With this option, you can automate your cleaning weekly, daily, monthly or after each guest’s departure.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Requesting the services of a company that specializes in VRBO Cleaningvacation rental cleaning or short term rental cleaning, you can make your home look great and get good recommendations from customers.

Professional cleaning companies are better equipped, quick and efficient. The cleanliness of the property will sure give an excellent impression. Thus, increasing the popularity of your listing. In addition, professional cleaning companies are insured against accidents or any other mishap that may occur while they clean your property.


Hiring a professional cleaning service is more expensive than cleaning yourself or hiring an individual cleaner. But as mentioned before, will provide an impeccable cleaning  of your space. In reality it is not as expensive considering that you are able to work in a percentage of this cost into the cleaning fee of the rental. 

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